Integrative Medicine is the next step in the merger of different areas of medical knowledge. Namely, in the integration of modern means to diagnose and ancestral knowledge that has been evaluated by contemporary science.

In order for the body to begin fighting diseases, detoxification systems are necessary. For that we use natural techniques herbal products, algae, infrared saunas, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, ozone, etc. We have developed a series of therapeutic programs for the most frequent and most prevalent pathologies in our society today.

Base Program

1. Identifying the problem. Diagnosis (Analytics, Poisons, Spectrophotometry, CT, MRI, SPECT, Gammagraphy, PET …)

2. Detoxification, Chelation programme.

3. Phase Equilibrium, Nutrition and Oxygenation. PH Control.

4. Regeneration by means of exercise, nutrition and meditation.

5. Addressing emotional distress and sleep disorders.

6. Further specific treatment according to each process.

Photon Dome en nuestras instalaciones

The techniques described above are applicable to great success in the treatment of various conditions and diseases, but to help regain health we use detoxification programs, oxygenation and hydration. We do that in a marine spa, associating  treatments: water with salt from the Dead Sea and ozone rich water that combined repair and bring oxygen to the skin and internal organs. All complemented with 10°C  cold water, therapeutic massages, infrared saunas, lymphatic drainage, pressure therapy.

Our concept of a spa, but with medical protocol and adequate staff to help you regain your mobility and relieve pain while enjoying our ozone rich, heated pools.

Soon we will be offering this service in a wonderful location along the Guadalquivir.

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of an internist, a neurologist, paediatrician, acupuncturists and technicians in bioelectronics to achieve adequate guidance and results for every patient.

Dr. Francisco de las Morenas Guitarte.

Unit Manager